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Journal Papers
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Heat transport study of field-tuned quantum criticality in CeIrIn5 --- Physical Review B 93, 075116 (2016) / arXiv:1602.06311 Winter 2016
Quantum Critical Quasiparticle Scattering within the Superconducting State of CeCoIn5 --- Physical Review Letters 117, 016601 (2016) / arXiv:1406.0031 Summer 2016
Doping evolution of the superconducting gap structure in the underdoped iron arsenide Ba1−xKxFe2As2 revealed by thermal conductivity --- Physical Review B 93, 214519 (2016) / arXiv:1602.03914 Summer 2016
From d-wave to s-wave pairing in the iron-pnictide superconductor (Ba,K)Fe2As2 --- Superconducting Science and Technology 25, 084013 (2012) / arXiv:1207.5719 Summer 2012
Doping-induced vertical line nodes in the superconducting gap of the iron arsenide Ba1-xKxFe2As2 from directional thermal conductivity Spring 2011
Universal heat conduction and nodal gap structure of the heavy-fermion superconductor CeIrIn5 --- Physical Review B 82, 184531 (2010) / arXiv:0902.1190 Fall 2010
Nodes in the gap structure of the iron arsenide superconductor Ba(Fe1−xCox)2As2 from c-axis heat transport measurements --- Physical Review B 82, 064501 (2010) / arXiv:1004.3804 Summer 2010
Doping dependence of heat transport in the iron-arsenide superconductor Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2: from isotropic to a strongly κ-dependent gap structure --- Physical Review Letters 104,067002 (2010) / arXiv:0907.1276v2 Winter 2010
Quasiparticle heat transport in Ba1-x Kx Fe2 As2: Evidence for a κ-dependent superconducting gap without nodes --- Physical Review B 80, 140503(R) (2009) / arXiv:0904.4049 Fall 2009
Heat transport as a probe of superconducting gap structure --- New Journal of Physics 11, 055065 (2009) Spring 2009
Hybrid gap structure in the heavy-fermion superconductor CeIrIn5 --- Physical Review Letters 99, 187004 (2007) Fall 2007
Investigation of structure and transport properties of Gd1-x-z Prx Caz Ba2 Cu3 O7-d --- Superconducting Science and Technology 14, 213 (2001) Summer 2001
Investigation of doping effects of Pr and Ca on Gd-123 system --- مجله پژوهش فیزیک ایران، جلد3، شماره 1، 1380 Fall 2001
Thermally activated phase-slip in high-temperature cuprates --- Superconducting Science and Technology 14, 234 (2001) Winter 2001
Invited Talk
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The Main Question in Superconductivity: To identify the Order Parameter Symmetry Spring 2016
Heavy fermion superconductor, specific heat analysis September 2009
Heat Transport as a Probe of Gap Structure Winter 2009
Keynote Talk
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Heat Transport in Superconductors Winter 2015
Selected Talks
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Study of gap symmetry in superconductor CeIrIn5 by thermal conductivity. Winter 2014
How to Probe Gap Structure of Heavy-Fermion Superconductor CeIrIn5 from Heat Transport. Fall 2011
Universal heat transport in the heavy-fermion superconductor CeIrIn5 Winter 2008
Gap Structure of Heavy-Fermion Superconductor CeIrIn5 from Heat Transport. Winter 2006
Probe of Gap Structure in Heavy-Fermion Superconductor CeIrIn5 by Heat Transport Fall 2006
Field Dependence of Low-Temperature Resistivity in CeIrIn5 Winter 2005
A Review on High Temperature Superconductivity Phenomenon Fall 1998
Ca and Pr Doping Effect on High-Tc Superconductor Gd-123 Compounds Winter 1997
High Temperature Superconductivity Winter 1996
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Quasiparticle Heat Transport in Ba1-xKxFe2As2: Evidence for a k-dependent Superconducting Gap without Nodes. Fall 2009
Unconventional Superconductivity in CeMIn5 Fall 2007
Universal Thermal Conductivity in Heavy-Fermion CeIrIn5. Spring 2006
Gap Anisotropy in Heavy-Fermion Superconductor CeIrIn5 Spring 2006
Field-Induced Fermi Liquid State in CeCoIn5 Spring 2004
Quantum Criticality in Heavy-Fermion Superconductor CeIrIn5 Fall 2004
Refereed Conference Proceedings
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Effect of Ca Substitution on Superconducting Properties of Gd1-xPrx-123 Fall 2000
The influence of Flux Pinning by Ca and Weak Links by Pr Doping in Gd1-x-zPrxGdz-123. Fall 2000
Magnetic Field Effect on the Gd1-x-zPrxCazBa2Cu3O7-d Systems Winter 1998

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