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Designed and built apparatus

  • Pressure cell: In order to apply pressure on the samples up to 2 GPas (~ 20 kbar).

Pressure cellHydrostatic pressure influence the distance of the atoms in a solid compound and consequently affect the physical properties of the compound; it may even cause a phases transition or reveal new phenomenon. Therefore, the physical properties of the compound can be understood by the invaluable tool.

Many materials can show superconductivity features by pressure application; see for example Refs. [1-6]. This may be compared with the effects of doping impurities (internal pressure); the efforts have been made to simulate the effect of chemical pressure on superconducting transition temperature, Tc, through applied pressure. Variations of Tc under pressure has attracted great attention to advance our understanding of the paring in new superconductors [7].

A 2GPa Pressure cell is designated and developed for studying the electronic properties of various compounds under pressure, in a temperature range of 300 K to 30 K. It is exploited especially for electrical resistivity experiments.




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  • Glovebox:

A sealed container, providing a specific (neutral) atmosphere such as Argon or Nitorgen gases, arranges a desired working atmosphere for sensitive materials.














  •  Machine Press  


These works have been fulfilled with Mr. Kambiz Shogi collaboration, Metallurgy engineer.

Designed and built apparatus | Dr. Hamideh Shakeripour


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